About Us

PAM PAM! We are Pia, Vio and Kito, three friends until the end! Besides us you can find our beloved Pam-Pam the penguin and Bum-Bum the panda bear.


Our story doesn’t start with “Once upon a time” but with “What if…?”. It was Daniela Daisy Toma, this project’s creator who thought about bringing a Broadway like show concept to Romania. From the idea we moved to show scripts creation, song writing and orchestration. Then we progressed to song recording using familiar voices and talented children alike, followed by making costumes and choreography.  Our fantastic team has brought the PAM PAM dream to life!

PAM PAM is a musical theater group for children which brings a unique and creative show concept to the stage where children have fun – sing and dance – but also take home real life lessons at the end of the shows.

Our friendship is a model for all ages. We bring our joy, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and optimism on stage. Watching our musical shows, parents experience that child-like wonder children and live out the adventure of exceptional musical theater shows.

Now that you know all about us, find out more at www.pam-pam.ro, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TrupaPamPam/ or better yet, come to our shows!

We’re the best three friends,
And we’ll always be merry!
Pia, Vio and Kito appear in every
PAM PAM production!