Friends are better only when they are together, we’re sure of that. The PAM PAM team has put up unique shows for child theater lovers. We are convinced that the savory and humorous lines, the inspiring and rhythmic music, original choreographies and colorful costumes turn our shows into real moments of joy for children and parents alike.

It’s rather hard to come angry to our musical shows but for sure you will leave joyous and impatient to see us in other shows! We are addictive: once you’ve seen us, you cannot have enough of Pia, Vio, Kito, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum.

We are a young team, with lots of clever ideas, talented and…modest. We are recommended by the long work hours spent together, the aspiration to and pleasure brought by a well-done job! PAM PAM!!!

Here are the “engines” behind the PAM PAM project and concept:

*Daniela Toma (Daisy), the creator and initiator of this project, has an over 20 years’ experience in working with kids. She has successfully implemented in Romania the musical programme for learning English: Learn With Music (based on the american concept of The Music Class Inc®) and developed Mikokids – an educational, informal club for children in Bucharest.


Screenplay: Victor Mihalache

Choreography:  Rodica Elena Dinu

Costumes: Nina Gal

Eva Gabriela Istrate, Andrew Alexandru Dodan, Miruna Serban, Maya Keinan, Carlena Gabriela Enea, Charlize Maria Maalouf

Music: Cosmin Sturzoiu, Radu Mihalache, Daniela Daisy Toma, Andrew Alexandru Dodan