You know us already! We are PAM PAM children’s musical theater group. Meaning Pia from the piano, Vio from the violin and Kito from the guitar! We are friends since the beginning of times. And these are our playmates, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum.

We like to have fun and to entertain you at our shows. We are very happy to see you at our events and life seems wonderful to us.

Here is an intro, using images and words, to the atmosphere from our events. Next time you’ll be there too, yes….all of you!  PAM PAM!


The Culture Wheelbarrow

PAM PAM musical theater group was invited to a picnic with lots of fun together with our partners, Social Moms.

To make week-ends even merrier since holiday started, we have thought of a surprise for you, because the moments spent outdoors with the family are the best! You are all welcome on July, 3 to a PICNIC, to celebrate together the US Independence Day, a very important day for us.


PREMIERE! – “At School it’s like in fairytales”, PAM PAM’s latest musical production

PAM PAM children’s musical theater group invites to on Saturday, June 11, to Muzeul Taranului Roman, Horia Bernea audio hall, starting 11:00h, to the PREMIERE of the musical show LA SCOALA ESTE CA-N POVESTI! Tickets can be found at and

After the outstanding success of “Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului” musical show, PAM PAM brings to you as a PREMIERE, our latest musical production, LA SCOALA ESTE CA-N POVESTI!, a masterfully written story on musical notes which allows you to meet   Pia, Vio, Kito, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum once again, but also a new character, Emperor Lazybones, who will eventually have access to the universe of knowledge.



On June 1st live and enjoy the magic of childhood with PAM PAM’s shows!  

Children’s Day brings a show marathon for PAM PAM children’s musical theater group. For an entire day, Pia, Vio and Kito will play and catch your attention with piano, violin and guitar notes in various locations from Bucharest. The CALATORIE MUZICALA PE ARIPILE VANTULUI! show will bring smiles and enthusiasm to children.

On the request of our younger and older spectators, on June 1st we will have an extraordinary show for our friends from partner schools and kindergartens! On the first day of June, Pia, Vio and Kito will go on the stage of Muzeul Taranului Roman starting 10:30h.

Towards the evening, PAM PAM packs and stops, from 17:00h on, at Auchan Drumul Taberei and from 19:00h at Auchan Titan. The lines and music of “Calatorie muzicala pe aripile vantului” show will be heard on the stages of these unconventional venues, PAM PAM bringing energy and a lot of cheerfulness on such a special day for children.

We won’t stop here and on Saturday, June 4, we also go to Plaza Romania from 17:00h. The story of the “Journeys” will also be told on this stage.


PAM PAM starts a musical journey in “Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului!”

PAM PAM children’s musical theater group performed two CALATORIE MUZICALA PE ARIPILE VANTULUI musical on Sunday, May 29, at Scoala Gimnaziala de Arte no. 5 (str. Gheorghe Petrascu nr. 49 A), sector 3.  The first show started at 10:00h and the second at 12:00h.

“Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului” is PAM PAM’s first show. The show is an educational musical, based on an original script, in which the audience is taken in an imaginary musical journey for 50 minutes, while maintaining constant interaction between the stage and the children. The musical catches the public of all ages due to the story’s narrative, the musical-choreographic scenes and the specially designed costumes. In the end, the show is a beautiful and educational story which teaches the younger and older ones the values that really matter in human relationships.


PAM PAM at Sun Plaza Shopping Center!

We had an exceptional event at Sun Plaza Shopping Center, Saturday, February 12, 2016, within the “Iarna pe portativ” (Winter on the Keyboard) project. Pia, Vio, Kito, Pam-Pam, Bum-Bum and the Wind would like to thank you all for having joined us in a “ Gone with the Wind” musical journey.

We sang, we danced, we had fun and learned many new things, we met for the first time or saw each other again, we made friends and laughed for more than one hour.

You are wonderful and we felt all your positive energy! PAM PAM loves you and waits for you to all our musical shows!


PAM PAM at Grand Arena Shopping Mall

On February 20,, 2016 a very warm and friendly public waited for us at Grand Arena Shopping Mall. We had a wonderful time close to each and every one of you! Pia, Vio, Kito, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum’s “Gone with the Wind” musical journey had a happy end this time, too! Music and dance united us and, what’s more important, we had tons of fun!


PAM PAM at Mega Mall

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, Pia, Vio, Kito, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum took off, with lots of energy and cheerfulness, from the Mega Mall stage into a musical journey. The Wind, their jester friend, messed up a little bit with their plans but all ended well eventually. We would like to thank parents, younger and older children who sang and danced with us. We are happy you come and watch all our shows! Hugs and kisses, PAM PAM!!!