Gone with the Wind Musical Journey

“Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului” (Gone with the Wind Musical Journey) is PAM PAM’s first show. The show is an educational musical, based on an original script, in which the audience is taken on an imaginary musical journey for 50 minutes, while maintaining constant interaction between the stage and the children. The musical enchants viewers of all ages due to the story’s narrative, the musical-choreography scenes and the specially designed costumes. In the end, the show is a beautiful and educational story which teaches the everyone the values that really matter in human relationships.

“Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului” is the story of three friends, musical instruments Vio (violin), Pia (piano) and Kito (guitar) who, with their notes and music, make life more beautiful. With the penguin, Pam-Pam and the panda bear, Bum-Bum, the friendship is complete. The three friends fail to agree where to go on holiday, so that they decide to put on a show to help them decide: “Mascots have talent”. Should they spend the holiday at the seaside or in the mountains? The Wind messes up their plans; Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum, the two fluffy critters are swept away and need to be saved! The three friends, Pia, Vio and Kito start a journey around the world on a musical keyboard in search of the animals!! The children and parents alike will enjoy the fantastic “gone with the wind” journeys of the three friends who, at the end, will be able to save Bum-Bum and Pam-Pam.

“Calatorie muzicala pe aripile Vantului” has powerful educational content and conveys a series of messages such as: friendship overcomes any obstacle, we need to learn how to share, to accept one another even if we are different, to be open and to try new things, not to give up easily.

We invite you to an exciting journey in which, together with the main characters, we can learn rhythms and songs specific to countries such as Spain, Egypt, Mexico and Romania. We will sing, we will learn simple dance moves, but also various music styles (Rock and Roll, Classical, Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, Opera, Break Dance and Romanian Traditional), we will act as a jury but, most of all, we will have fun while we are “gone with the wind.”