In school it’s like in fairytales!

The three friends – Pia, Vio and Kito – want to convince Emperor Lazybones that In School It’s Like in Fairytales! Even if they pompously crown Lazybones, who thought that school is beautiful only on the outside, the three want to show that if you are able to gather the information and transform it in a sort of stories, everything becomes pleasant and captivating.

Thus, until the teacher comes, the group will create with the little spectators a story about the Kingdom of Learning in the classroom. The jesters will be Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum.

And because music brings color to life and unites us in everything that we do, Pia, Vio and Kito bring to the stage not only exuberance and a lot of joy, but also genuine lessons for Lazybones and kids. Together, on Perinita, rock and roll, hip-hop or pop musical notes, they will teach him patiently the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, musical notes, the days of the week and the seasons.

Once all these secrets are learned, we will see if they will sweet talk King Darksome into not waging war against Emperor Lazybones.

Lazybones found out that if you know how to learn, to enjoy every moment and respect the ones around you, life is beautiful and science necessary and you will always have confidence in people and in friendship. In School It’s Like in Fairytales!  PAM PAM!