PAM PAM at Christian Tour’s Holidays Festival

The Holidays Festival welcomes all of you on Promenada Mall terrace (Bucharest) on June 25th and 26th, between 10-18h.

All those who come to meet or see us again will be welcomed by Christian Tour’s team with laughter and cheerfulness, special holiday offers, fun and lots of prizes and surprises.

Because the month of June is dedicated to the little ones in our families, we prepared for them special moments of dancing, singing and a Talent Show. We will play and have fun together in creative workshops, we will sing and dance on the Meerkats’ Anthem.

After a session of face painting, the children will enjoy great shows performed by our invited quest: PAM PAM group.

PAM PAM invites you on Saturday, June 25th, Promenada Mall terrace, starting 12:00h, to the LA SCOALA ESTE CA-N POVESTI! musical show.